Rotorcraft Aeromechanics

Aerodynamic and Dynamics of High Speed Coaxial Rotor Systems (Navy)

The objective of this proposal is to develop a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive research analysis to support the development of an efficient coaxial heavy-lift rotorcraft for Navy missions. The goal is to develop the fundamental aerodynamic theories for coaxial rotor, and to use these theories to systematically examine optimal coaxial rotor design. The overall goal will be to develop and thoroughly validate a suite of versatile physics-based models against experimental measurements, which can then be used to expose the fundamental aerodynamics and design issues for the design of high-performance, coaxial rotorcraft concepts. This suite of tools will range from momentum theory analyses in hover and forward flight to free-vortex wake theory, and finally a full CFD approach based on the RANS equations. All levels of analysis will be validated as much as possible using experimental measurements for coaxial rotor systems, both those currently available and those expected to be available, including performance, loads, wake geometries, and velocity fields.

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