Graduate Students

Currently guiding the following students:

Ph.D. (Expected Graduation) M.S. (Expected Graduation)
Kumar Ravichandran (May 2018)
Elizabeth Weiner (Dec 2017)
Elena Shrestha (March 2018)James Lankford (June 2018)
Xing Wang (Dec 2018)
Stacy Sidle (Dec 2018)
Michael Avera (Dec 2018)
Daniel Escobar (June 2019)
Eric Soloman (June 2018)
Brandon Phillip (June 2018)

Guided the following students in their Ph.D. dissertations:

  1. Nithiam Sivaneri, “Aeroelastic Stability of Rotor Blades Using Finite Element Analysis,” June1982, (Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of West Virginia)
    – Associate Dean & Director of Graduate Program
  2. Brahmananda Panda, “Dynamic Stability of Hingeless and Bearingless Rotor Blades in Forward Flight,” August 1985, (Senior Technical Specialist, Boeing Helicopters-Philadelphia)
  3. Chang-Ho Hong, “Aeroelastic Stability of Composite Rotor Blades in Hover,” July 1985, (Professor, Choong-Nam National University, Korea)
    – Department Chairman of Aerospace Engineering
  4. Gunjit S. Bir, “Gust Response of Articulated and Hingeless Rotors,” November 1985, (Retired Senior Dynamist, Department of Energy, NREL)
    – Head of Rotor Dynamics Group
  5. Andrew L. Dull, “Aeroelastic Stability of Bearingless Rotors in Forward Flight,” July 1986, (Col. U.S. Army, now Technical Manager at Lockheed Martin Corp., Huntsville, AL) – Former Chairman of Aerospace Engineering Department, U.S. Military Academy, West Point
  6. Venkat Raghavan, “Unsteady Force Calculations on Circular and Elliptical Airfoils with Circulation Control,” December 1987, (Research Engineer, ASTROX Corp.)
  7. Andrew S. Elliott, “Calculation of Steadily Periodic and Gust Responses of a Hingeless Rotor Helicopter Using 2-D Time Domain Unsteady Aerodynamics,” October 1987, (Senior Engineer, Mechanical Dynamics Inc.) – Head Dynamics Group
  8. Joon W. Lim, “Aeroelastic Optimization of a Helicopter Rotor,” June 1988, (Research Engineer, U.S. Army, Ames Research Center)
  9. Jinsoek Jang, “Ground and Air Resonance of Bearingless Rotors in Hover and Forward Flight,” August 1988, (Chief, Rotary-Wing Division, Agency of Defense Development, Korea) – Head of Advanced Rotorcraft Development Program in Korea
  10. David J. Haas, “Aeroelastic Characteristics of Aircraft With Circulation Control Wings,” June1989, (Aerospace Engineer, David Taylor Naval Research Center)
    – Program Head DoD Sponsored JAHUM Program: Highly visible national program
    Branch Head, System Aviation
  11. Khanh Nguyen, “Application of Higher Harmonic Control to Rotors Operating at High Speed and Maneuvering Flight,” August 1989, (Aerospace Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center) – Former Chief Rotorcraft Dynamics Group, consultant)
  12. Michael S. Torok, “Rotor Loads Validation Utilizing a Coupled Aeroelastic Analysis With Refined Aerodynamic Modeling,” August 1989, (Vice President Sikorsky)
    – Formerly Director Flight Sciences, Chief Engineer CH-53K
  13. Ki C. Kim, “Effects of Three Dimensional Aerodynamics on Blade Response and Loads,” July1990, (Senior Research Engineer, U.S. Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground) deceased
  14. Fredrick A. Tasker, “Nonlinear Damping Estimation From Rotor Stability Data Using Time and Frequency Domain Techniques,” May 1990, (Formerly Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UMBC, now Research Engineer at NASA Goddard)
  15. Shmuel Fledel, “Coupled Rotor/Airframe Vibration Analysis,” December 1989, (Col. Israeli Air Force, President and CO Cyclone Co., Israel)
    – Former Head All-Israel Aircraft Procurement Division
    – Senior Vice President, El Al Airline
  16. James W. Wang, “Aeroelastic Analysis of Helicopter Rotors with Dissimilar Blades,” November1991, (Senior Dynamist and Designer, Sikorsky Aircraft)
    – Winner of 1997 United Technologies Achievement Award (one award for all United Technologies
    – Maritime Program Attribute Manager
    -Vice President Agustawestland
  17. Edward C. Smith, “Aeroelastic Response and Aeromechanical Stability of Helicopters with Elastically Coupled Composite Rotor Blades,” August 1992, (Professor, Aerospace Engineering Department, Penn State)
    – Director and Founder of Rotorcraft Center of Excellence at Penn State
  18. Mark W. Nixon, “Aeroelastic Analysis of a Tiltrotor Aircraft,” December 1993, (Former Director, U.S. Army Vehicle Technology Directorate, NASA Langley Research Center)
  19. Ranjan Ganguli, “Aeroelastic Optimization of Tailored Composite Rotor, May 1994, (Satish Dhawan Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, Formerly Senior Engineer, Pratt & Whitney)
  20. Farhan Gandhi, “Elastomeric Modeling and Rotor Dynamics”, September 1995, (Chaired Professor, RPI) Founder of Rotorcraft Center at RPI
    – Formerly A Key Faculty Member, Rotorcraft Center of Excellence at Penn State dissertation
  21. Venkat Srinivas, “Aeroelastic Analysis of Advanced Tiltrotor Aircraft,” December 1995, (Senior Project Engineer, Ford Motor Co.) dissertation
  22. Peter C. Chen, “Development of a Smart Rotor with Induced-Strain Actuation of Blade Twist,” September 1996, (Senior Director of Advanced Technology, Rotocraft, Intelligent Automation)
    – Founder and Head of Smart Structures Division
  23. Anita L. Tracy, “Aeromechanical Stability Investigation of Elastically Coupled Composite Helicopter Rotors,” October 1996, (Senior Engineer, Pratt & Whitney)
  24. Judah H. Milgram, “Aeromechanics Analysis of Trailing-Edge Flap Rotors,” January 1997, (Aerospace Engineer, David Taylor Naval Research Center)
  25. Hyensoo Yeo, “A Comprehensive Coupled Rotor Fuselage Vibration Analysis,” May 1999(Research Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center, Army)
  26. Taeoh Lee, “High Displacement Piezoelectric Trailing-Edge Flap Mechanism for Helicopter Rotors,” December 1999, (Engineer, Bell Helicopter Textron).
  27. Jeanette J. Epps, “in-flight Tracking of Helicopter Rotor Blades with Tabs Using Shape Memory Alloys,” February 2000, (Astronaut)
  28. Andreas Bernhard, “Development of Smart Rotor with Active Blade Tips (SABT),” February2000, (Chief Engineer CH-53K, Sikorsky Aircraft) dissertation
  29. Nikhil Koratkar, “Smart Helicopter Rotor with Piezoelectric Bender Actuated Trailing-Edge Flaps,” December 2000, (Chaired Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, RPI)dissertation
  30. Jayant Sirohi, “Piezoelectric Hydraulic Hybrid Actuator for Potential Smart Rotor Application,” December 2001 (Associate Professor VT-Austin). dissertation
  31. Harsha Prahlad, “Development of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Torsional Actuators for Variable Twist Tilt Rotors (VTTR) Blades,” May 2002, (Research Scientist, Stanford Research Institute).dissertation
  32. Mao Yang, “A Coupled Rotor-Fuselage Vibration Analysis for Helicopter Rotor System Fault Detection,” December 2002 (Associate Professor, Northwest University, China).
  33. Jinwei Shen: “Comprehensive Aeroelastic Analysis of Trailing-Edge Flap Helicopter Rotors,” December 2003 (Asst. Professor University of Alabama). dissertation
  34. Datta, Anubhav: “Fundamental Understanding and Prediction of Vibratory Loads of a Helicopter,” August 2004, (Associate Professor, University of Maryland). dissertation
  35. Jinsong Bao: Development of Mach Scale Rotors with Composite Tailored Couplings for Vibration Reduction,” November 2004, (Engineer, Sikorksy). dissertation
  36. Beatrice Roget: “Individual Blade Control for Vibration Reduction of a Helicopter with Dissimilar Blades,” November 2004, (Research Engineer, NASA Ames/Army). dissertation
  37. Ronald N. Couch: “Development of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Actuators for a Swashplateless Helicopter Rotor,” May 2006 (Engineer, APL). dissertation
  38. Beerinder Singh: “Dynamics and Aeroelasticity of Hover Capable Flapping Wings: Experiment and Analysis,” December 2006 (Aerospace Engineer Metacomp). dissertation
  39. Jason Pereira: “Hover and Wind-Tunnel Testing of Shrouded Rotors for Improved Micro Air Vehicle Design,” June 2008 (Chief Aerodynamist Avericon). dissertation
  40. Jaye Falls: “Design and Performance Prediction of Swashplateless Helicopter Rotor with Trailing-Edge Flaps and Tabs,” May 2010 (Asst. Professor, Naval Academy, Annapolis). dissertation
  41. A. Abhishek: “Analysis, Validation, Prediction and Fundamental Understanding of Rotor Blade Loads in an Unsteady Maneuver,” December 2010 (Asst. Professor, IIT Kanpur, India).dissertation
  42. Moble Benedict: “Fundamental Understanding of the Cycloidal-Rotor Concept for Micro Air Vehicle Applications,” December 2010 (Asst. Professor, Texas A&M University). dissertation
  43. Vikram Hrishikeshavan, “Experimental Investigation of a Shrouded Rotor Micro Air Vehicle in Hover and in Edgewise Gusts,” December 2011 (Asst. Research Scientist, University of Maryland). dissertation
  44. Peter Copp, “Swashplateless Helicopter Experimental Investigation: Primary Control with Trailing Edge Flaps Actuated with Piezobenders,” April 2013 (Engineer, Army/Langley).dissertation
  45. Ria Malhan, “Investigation of Aerodynamics of Flapping Wings for MAV Applications,” April2013 (Research Engineer, Intel Corporation). dissertation
  46. Chen Friedman, “Accurate SLAM with Application for Aerial Path Planning,” October 2013(Engineer, Aurora). dissertation
  47. David Mayo, “An Investigation of a MAV-Scale Flexible Flapping Wing in Forward Flight,” December 2014, (Engineer, Aerospace Corporation).
  48. Graham Bowen-Davies, “Performance and Loads of Variable Tip Speed Rotocraft at High Advance Ratios,” May 2015, (Engineer, Army AFDD
  49. Anand Saxena, “Primary Control of a Mach-Scale Swashplateless Rotor Using Brushless DC Motors,” June 2015, (Engineer, Google)
  50. Benjamin Berry, “Fundamental Understanding of Rotor Aeromechanics at High Advance Ratio Through Wind Tunnel Testing,” December 2016 (Engineer, Google).
  51. Joseph H. Schmaus, “Aeromechanics of a High Speed Coaxial Helicopter Rotor,” May 2017 (Flight Test Engineer, Bell Helicopters).
  52. William Staruk,

Note: Among graduated Ph. D. students three are African-Americans and four are women students. Nine PhD graduates are currently tenure-track faculty members and other two are non tenure-track faculty members at leading institutions.

Guided following students in their M.S. dissertations:

  1. David Matuska, “Rotor Blade Dynamic Response and Structural Optimization of Vibration Reduction for Flap Mode,” September 1983, (Senior Design Engineer, Program Manager Advanced Dynamic Systems, Sikorsky Aircraft)
    – Head of Variable Diameter Tilt Rotor (VDTR) Program, Highly visible DoD Sponsored program
  2. Brian R. Schwiesow, “Experimental Identification of Stiffness Coupling Terms in a Composite Beam,” July 1985, (Engineer, Bell Helicopter Textron)
  3. Kevin W. Noonan, “Aerodynamic Design of a Helicopter Main Rotor Blade With Consideration of Flap-Lag Flutter in Hover,” December 1985, (Senior Engineer, U.S. Army Aerostructures Directorate at NASA Langley)
  4. Aaron A. Salzberg, “Experimental Identification of Stiffness Coupling Terms in Composite Box Beams Manufactures by Thermal Expansion,” December 1986, (Engineer, Naval Research Laboratory)
  5. Randy C. Barber, “Tilt-Rotor Aeroelastic Stability Using Finite Element Rotor Modal Characteristics,” June 1987, (Aeronautical Engineer, C.I.A.)
  6. Hue Ngo, “Experimental Evaluation of Circulation Control Aerodynamics on a Cylindrical Body,” December 1986, (Program Head, McDonnell Helicopters)
  7. Philippe Benquet, “Calculated Dynamic Response and Loads for an Advanced Tip Rotor in Forward Flight,” August 1988. (Head Flight Control Division, NATO Helicopter Management Agency, France) – Former Head of Rotorcraft Research in France
  8. Ron M. Barrett, “Intelligent Rotor Blade and Structures Develop-ment Using Directionally Attached Piezoelectric Crystals,” May 1990. (Associate Professor, Auburn University)
  9. Pascal Picavet, “Calculated and Measured Blade Airloads on a SA349-2 Gazelle,” Sept. 1992(Engineer in France)
  10. Pieree Y. Ouillet, “Prediction and Validation of Rotor Loads Using Nonlinear Unsteady Aerodynamics,” June 1992, ( Ministry of Defense, France)
    – Former Head of Rotorcraft Research in France
  11. Burtis T. Spencer, “Design and Testing of a Smart Trailing-Edge Flap using Piezoelectric Stacks,” August 1995, (Major US Air Force)
  12. Kiran Singh, “Design of an Improved Shape Memory Alloy Actuator for Rotor Blade Tracking,” May 2002, (GE) dissertation
  13. Josh Ellison, “Investigation of Active Materials as Driving Elements in a Hydraulic-Hybrid Actuator,” December 2004, (Engineer Boeing Helicopters, Philadelphia). dissertation
  14. Eric Parsons, “Investigation and Characterization of a Cycloidal Rotor for Application to a Micro Air Vehicle,” August 2005 (Engineer, Sikorsky). dissertation
  15. Anne Brindejonc, “Design and Testing of an Autonomous Payload Delivery System: The Autobody,” December 2005, (Engineer Eurocopter, France). dissertation
  16. Beverly Beasley, “A Study of Planar and Non-Planar Membrane Wing Planforms for the Design of a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle,” May 2006, (Engineer Arora). dissertation
  17. Nitin Gupta, “Development of Test-Bed for MAV Closed Loop Flight Control,” December 2006, (Engineer Consulting Company). dissertation
  18. Brandon Fitchett, “Development and Investigation of a Flapping Rotor for Micro Air Vehicles,” June 2007 (Aerodynamics Engineer Clipper Windpower Technology). dissertation
  19. Aaron Harrington, “Optimal Propulsion System Design for a Micro Quad Rotor,” August 2011(Engineer US Army ARL/VTD Aberdeen) dissertation
  20. Pranay Seshadri, “Biomemetic Insect Flapping Wing Aerodynamics and Controls for Micro Air Vehicles,” September 2011 (PhD Cambridge University).
  21. Mor Gilad, “Evaluation of Flexible Rotor Hover Performance in Extreme Ground Effect,” September 2011, (Engineer Aurora Flight Sciences). dissertation
  22. Dean Bewak, “Design and Implementation of a Control System for Quadrotor MAV,” May 2012, Engineer ManTech (DARPA). dissertation
  23. Teju Jarugumilli, “An Experimental Investigation of a Micro Air Vehicle-Scale Cycloidal Rotor in Forward Flight,” Sept 2013, (PhD, UM). dissertation
  24. Chris Bagdanowicz, “Experimental Investigation of a Quad-Roto Biplane Micro Air Vehicle,” July 2015, Engineer, Sikorsky Aircraft.
  25. Timothy Kreutzfeldt, “Nonlinear Interactions in Planar Jet Flow with High Frequency Excitation,” May 2016, (Engineer Boeing-Philadelphia).
  26. Lauren N. Trollinger, “Refined Performance and Loads of a Mach-Scale Rotor at High Advance Ratios,” July 2017, (Aurora Flight Sciences, Boston).

Guided the following students in their M.S. without thesis:

C. H. Hong (1983, Ph.D.)
J. Jang (1984, Ph.D.)
B. Panda (1984, Ph.D.)
A. E. Elliott (1985, Ph.D.)
J. Bate (1986, Engineer, Sikorsky Aircraft)
K. Nguyen (1986, Ph.D.)
B. Wunder (1986, Research Engineer,
U.S. Navy, PAX River)
B. S. Fledel (1987, Col. Israel Air Force)
J. W. Lim (1987, Ph.D.)
K. C. Kim (1987, Ph.D.)
M. Torok (1987, Ph.D.)
J. Wang (1988, Ph.D.)
C. Bruner (1989, Research Engineer,
U.S. Navy, Pax River)
J. H. Leifer (1989, Consultant)
E. C. Smith (1990, Ph.D.)
S. Dirlik (1990, Research Engineer,
David Taylor R&D Center)
N. Kimata (1990, Lt. Col. U.S. Army)
R. Ganguli (1991, Ph.D.)
A. Tracy (1991, Ph.D.)
W.P. Chan (1991, Ph.D.)
J. Milgram (1992, Ph.D.)
V. Srinivasan (1992, Ph.D.)
J. Smith (1992, Ph.D.)
Peter Chen (1993, Ph.D.)
S. Vellaichamy (1993, Ford Motor Co.)
Chris Niggemeier (1993, Engineer
at Learjet Aircraft)
Mike Bothwell (1994, Engineer at
Bell Helicopter Co.)
Curtis Walz (1994, Engineer at
Boeing Helicopter Co.)
Jeanette Epps (1994, Ph. D.)
Lazar Alon (1995, Colonel Israel
Air Force) – Chief of Rotorcraft
Procurement in Israel
Oren Ben-Zeev (1995, Engineer
Luc Renouil (1995, Defense, France)
– Head of Rotorcraft Research in France
Andy Bernhard (1995, Ph. D.)
Hyeonsoo Yeo (1996, Ph. D.)
Nikhil Koratkar (1998, Ph. D.)
Mao Yang (1998, Ph. D.)
Jinwei Shen (1998, Ph. D.)
Jayant Sirohi (1998, Ph. D.)
Harsha Prahlad (1999, Ph. D.)
Anubhav Datta (2000, Ph. D.)
Beatrice Roget (2000, Ph. D.)
Matthew Tarascio (2001, Ph. D.)
Mary Vachery (2002)
Ronald Couch (2002, Ph.D)
Jason Pereira (2002, Ph D)
Beerinder Singh (2003, Ph D)
Atul Atulasimha (2003, Ph D)
Ben Hein (2005, Sikorsky)
A. Abhishek (2005, PhD)
Peter Copp (2007, PhD)
Moble Benedict (2007, PhD)
Smita Bhadra (2007)
Vikram Harishikeshvan (2008)
Ria Malhan (2009, PhD)
Anand Saxena (2009, PhD)
Kumar Ravichandran (2009, PhD)
Graham Davies (June 2010)
Panagiotis Koliais (July 2012, Sikorsky)
William Staruk (2012, PhD)
Joseph Schmaus (2012, PhD)
Chen Friedman (2012, PhD)
Zach Kaler (2013, Sikorsky)
Elena Shrestha (2014, PhD)
Trisha Shields (2014, NSWC-Carderrock)
James Lankford (2014, PhD)
Elizabeth Weiner (2014, PhD)
Brandon Gudenius (2015, NAVAIR)
Robert Semidey (2015, NAVAIR)Peter Oas (2017, Helicopter Mechanic)Michael Avera (2017, ARL/VTD)Daniel Escobar (2017, PhD)